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Nové sady

An open-ended series of one-time events called Nové sady introduces a lab platform for a research of new intersections and links between diverse artistic and social disciplines and forms of communication. Nové sady presents a series of performances, events, videos, happenings, interventions and installations which usually take place in non-theatre settings around Brno – including galleries, public spaces and squares, or forgotten nooks with a strong genius loci.

The central premise of Nové sady is the already mentioned creation of links among various fields. In this series, authors with a non-theatre or non-artistic background are usually invited to participate in the creation of theatre and performance art so that they enter the field of theatre with a different perspective.

All of the events in this cycle are one-off and not to be repeated. The events demonstrate a fast, perhaps wildly spontaneous, borderline, multi-genre approach rejecting repetition. Nové sady aims to initiate, to this day untested, synapses in an urban landscape. It aspires to provide a breeding ground from which bigger and less temporary projects and collaborations might grow in the future. Primarily, this series offers a number of artworks which do not focus on having a common denominator, space, or language. On the contrary, the emphasis is put on the wide range of approaches and numerous artistic encounters. These works aim towards the practice of performance to show the scope of theatre, its meaning and connotations.