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Nové sady 3 – Global Genocide Inc.: Party Extinct Repeat

The third part of the series of one-off performative events of the Nové sady. Premiere of the project Global Genocide Inc .: Party Extinct Repeat by artist Andreas Gajdošík & collective.


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You will be confronted with it a few days before your extinction: even in spite of the carefully cultivated myth of its own immortality, capitalism is nearing its end. Human labour, standing in its very foundations as a main extractable source of profit, loses any significance with expanding automation. And together with it, the significance is lost for all employees. Capitalism is at its end because owners extracted from capitalism and their employees everything needed and valuable and now are simply moving towards new fertile lands of fully self-sufficient machines. In the era of automation, there is no need to balance lowering wages and the frustration of employees. Means of production are simply reproduced by themselves. Accumulated ownership is strengthened in an infinite loop of self-intensifying production. It’s a cycle, in which the non-superrich have no place. Sense is lost not only in their labour potential, but also in their consumer one – at this moment they are not an extractable labour force, that is in the constant need of buying products, but they are only wasters of finite planetary resources. They are leeches with voting rights and annoying desire for a more equal society. In the new automated layout of society, they are not only useless but even redundant participants. They are obstacles and hazards in the establishment of a fully automated paradise for the richest. Company Global Genocide Inc.® offers a complex solution to this burning question of workers: Global climate change℠.

It is a completely natural solution based on the extreme amplification of weather phenomenon, disruption of ecosystems, institution of droughts and famine and many more exterminatory processes, that will lead to the elimination of useless workers and to solidifying of the undisturbed leading position of the richest owners. In contrast with other rival solutions known from history and present the method of Global Genocide Inc.® is fully non-violent and ethical – since its fully natural process, brought about by active participation of many workers – either by extensive consumption, denial of the existence of Global climate change℠, suppression of ecological movements, or even by direct political support and defence of the best of all possible systems – capitalism. As part of the promotional event, Party-Extinct-Repeat company Global Genocide Inc.® will focus not only on their wealthy clients but also on the wider public. They will be offered a varied selection of traditional Christmas trees from Czechia, Moravia, and Silesia for greatly favourable and unbeatable prices. This gift is the expression of our sincerest thanks. It is namely You, the broad base of working non-owners, without whom our product Global climate change℠ would not be able to work. Thank you for your unceasing favour, truly self-sacrificing participation and we are looking forward to our meetings. Happy holidays and all the best to the next few years to the wide public, Yours Global Genocide Inc.®

Authors: Andreas Gajdošík, Petr Dočkal, Klára Lázničková, Martin Žák, Daniel Nováček, Jakub Španihel, Anna Tesařová, Tomáš Moravanský.

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