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Na jeden nádech

Série workshopů a událostí inspirována světem akvabel, který je s TJ Tesla na Lesné nerozlučně spjat.

Terén's performances on a trip to Mexico

The Terén platform is bringing three of its own productions to Mexico, which will take place in the capital itself, Mexico City, during October.

Nové sady

A series of one-off performative events.

Little Visitors

A theatre play for children, their parents, and all who love visiting others.

Die Reise

A scenic map of the perception of the Czech-Austrian landscape, the stories that are hidden in it and the traces that are inscribed in it.

PYL: Reality Surfing

A visual performance that offers the audience an alternative model of coexistence between humans and inanimate entities.

For White Whale

The work combining theatre and sound design presents a mass for the mythical whale and the world which is drawing to its close.

Insider: Unwrapping Reality

A performance between virtual and physical reality for one audience member.

Wojtek Ziemilski: SEX

A performance by Polish director Wojtek Ziemilski for six performers who weave an intricate literary landscape together.

Ján Sedal: I will fill this dress of mine with this body of mine

Ján Sedal's Apartment Theater.


A series of music events in Brno.

honey and dust: outside the box 01

Scenic piece by an art collective Honey and Dust focusing on the borders between scientific and artistic exploration of the world. The work is inspired by the heritage of Gregor Johann Mendel.

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