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Premiere 10/5/2024


Radical performances and concerts on one stage. The INCIDENT music series is presented by Terén at the independent cultural and community centre Siberia.

Incident is an ongoing series of musical events organised by Terén at the independent cultural and community centre Siberia. The programme invites borderline productions, oscillating between concerts and performances. Incident are cross-genre events, whose program combines high intensity and energy with specific situations on and under the staging.

In the line-up of each episode of the series we present a residency performance called Headbanger, produced by the Terén artistic collective D´epog.

During the first part you will hear Lord Spikeheart (frontman of DUMA, nyege nyege), Argentinian performer Agustin Genoud (label Trrueno) and the evening will be closed by the interdisciplinary performance Headbanger inspired by the phenomenon of headbanging, an iconic dance move associated with "heavy" genres and their subcultures produced by the artistic collective D'epog.

With this new programme Terén continues its series of club nights SOfT and other musical events: Otomo Yoshihide, Widt, We Will Fail, MSHR, Tatiana Heuman - Qeei, B.yhzz, IQ+1, Ryoko Akama, Petr Válek, Jonáš Gruska, Maria Komarova, Yann Leguay, Banausoi, Elia Moretti, Michal Janíček, Roman Radkovič Collective, Balász Pándi, Petr Vrba, Vojtanovský & Režný, Asfast, Aldana Duoraan, Ivan Palacký, Rickey Mouse Fun House, Natálie Pleváková, Lucie Páchová, Ancestral Vision & h5io6i54k & realitycongress, MM'99, Hikari, Trauma & oxoo present NIHIL, Agustin Genaud, Bungalovv and others.

The independent cultural and community centre Sibiř is a loose continuation of the activities of the Culture Against Decay initiative, which was established in Brno in 2013 with the aim of reviving abandoned dilapidated buildings in the city. Initially an informal association of people founded the association, which began to strive to obtain a symbolic lease of the premises in Vlhká (2013/2014), the functionalist Spa in Zábrdovice (2015/2016) and the buildings in Francouzská Street (2016). In 2017, the association started its activities in the former Husovice cinema and the Bio Sibir theatre. During the First Republic and in the 1960s, a cinema was located here, in the 1990s the In Flagranti Theatre operated here and the Czech Television dubbing studio was also located here.

The events are held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Individual parts:
10/5 – Lord Spikeheart, Agustin Genoud, Headbanger
7/6 – TBA
27/9 – TBA
29/11 – TBA

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