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INCIDENT: Rafael, Donna Haringwey, Headbanger

Fri 7. 6. 2024, 19:00

Radical performances and concerts on one stage. The opening event of the music series INCIDENT, presented by Terén in the premises of the independent cultural and community Sibiř Centre.

👺 Donna Haringwey
Donna Haringway is the solo project of songwriter, producer and vocalist Toni Quiroga. His music has been released under the labels Strange Therapy, Amok Tapes and his own project Accept Productions. At Incident he will present an intense performance that merges punk, electronic, metal, industrial and noise. “Donna Haringwey makes destructive bangers meant to morph your depression into anger and hope. Critically acclaimed as 'sick tracks bro', 'different' and 'kinda like EBM but more punk'.”


👺 Rafael
Rafael is Warsaw-based songwriter and vocalist, person behind IA - music label. He draws inspiration from genres like post punk, industrial, no-wave creating his own sound that reflects different sides of human nature, sometimes violent, sometimes gentle, poetic and rough. In February he supported Paris-based band Crush Of Souls on their tour in Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Wrocław. Rafael has been working on his new album that will be released in early summer of 2024. For the Incident show he will be joined by the artist and head of Warsaw-based multidisciplinary label Enjoy Life - Anatol as his live guitarist.


👺 Headbanger
Distortion, Overdrive, Fuzz, Boost. Musical performance inspired by the phenomenon of headbanging, an iconic dance figure close to heavy music genres and their subcultures. New production by Terén and the artistic collective D'epog.

Directed, choreography: Lucia Repašská
Concept, dramaturgy: Matyáš Dlab
Performers: Zdeněk Polák, Janet Prokešová, Zuzana Smutková, Pasi Mäkelä
Live music: Matyáš Dlab, Pasi Mäkelä
Set design: D'epog
Costumes: Jan Matýsek
Lighting design, technology: Jonáš Garaj
Art/craftsmanship: Max Lysáček

The artistic collective D'epog is dedicated to intermedia work based on the practice of performing arts. The company has been active for a long time without a permanent stage and usually realizes its projects in non-theatre spaces. The group has been active since 2010 and its home stage is the city of Brno. It creates staging projects, one-off performances and specific artistic formats.


The events are held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Individual parts:
10/5 – Lord Spikeheart, Agustin Genoud, Headbanger
7/6 – TBA
27/9 – TBA
29/11 – TBA

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7/6/2024, 19:00
Sibiř, Dukelská třída 50

firt wave till 31/5 300,-
second wave from 31/5 400,-
student 200,-

In 2024, the Incident will take place as a four-part series of events.
10/5, 7/6, 27/9, 29/11

The event is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.