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Nové sady 4 –⁠ Pasi Mäkelä: Black Piece

Black Piece presents an performative link between cosmic periphery and homelessness in urban periphery and quantum physics crash with deliberate and non deliberate refuge from the society. Black piece urges to paganism and tries to scratch the darker layers under the known civilization. Urban Buto dance revisited.

Black Piece was created in co-production with Dům umění města Brna.

Pasi Mäkelä (b.1975)

Finnish performer, musician and conceptual artist based on Prague, Czech Republic. Studied in Turku Arts Academy, Finland 1998-2002, and has a degree of theater director and educator. Most recent works are solo performance Walrus Vampire Show, and several projects with own music/performance group Sabotanic Garden, and Prague based garage-gospel music group The Spermbankers, and as an actor in theater Studio Hrdinu, Prague. Is long time member of Finnish theater communities Reality Research center and Circus Maximus.

Between 2012-17 he performed his physical performance solo Tonttu in Slovakia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Czech Rep., Austria and in U.S.A. And another long term site-specific "Finnish" Buto project Uuno Turhabuto (2004-2008) mostly in Finland, but also in Czech Rep. and France. Buto is dance performance art form originated by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ono in Japan in late 1960´s, known for it´s extreme approach to the body art.

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