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Nové sady 2 – Rafani: PRO

The second part of the dramaturgical series of one-off performative events of the Nové sady. The premiere performance of the Rafani art group.


Sklepní scéna CED

Rafani: FOR performance
FOR: for it’s never why, but always for
FOR: for oneself, for themselves, for ours, for theirs, for you, for us and for you no more
FOR: for tomorrow and never for yesterday, no, no, no, and no
FOR: for sense, for nonsense, for fable, and for mind
FOR: for ears, for eyes, for muscles, for heart
FOR: for all age groups, for those who didn’t reach the finish line
FOR: for nation, formation, for kin, and for in
FOR: for sound and place, with no morning trace
FOR: for what, and why, how much, and how long
FOR: for yes, for no, for I don’t know and never will

The artist collective Rafani was formed in 2000 with clearly defined democratic guidelines. The core of their activities lies in creating art deeply embedded in the life of the society. Rafani are shifting the conventional understanding of social events. They focus on borderline situations which cannot be judged from a single point of view. The main strategy of the collective is a collaborative work which subdues their artistic individualities.

Rafani: David Kořínek, Luděk Rathouský, Marek Meduna, Jiří Franta

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