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Nové sady 6

The sixth edition of Nové sady series presents three art projects which entered the public space in an era of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hladová zeď (Hunger Wall) by Bára Bažantová is a project comprising of two performative interventions in the public space of Brno. The project was photographed by Markéta Wagnerová. The first performance took place in front of the labour office on Křenová street. The author chose a spot in front of the main entrance where she stood with a wheel of fortune offering passers-by a chance to win a job contract as a builder of the “hunger wall”. The building itself was realized during the second performance. The wall has been built and dismantled on a small site beneath the plane trees at the crossroads of Bratislavská and Hvězdová streets.

Zuzana Janečková’s project Dveře (Doors) was created as a site-specific performance in a day care centre for elderly people Domov Naděje in Brno-Vinohrady. This lively piece follows the principles of art therapy. It was inspired by an interior renovation in the centre. The physical work of art is accompanied by a “freeware” version – an online kit including free instructions, a screenplay and digital materials that can be used for future realizations of the performance.

Jupiter by Matyáš Zeman opens up a discussion about the future of our planet, space travelling and life on the street. It is an invitation for a joint debate aimed specifically at those who are often left out from such discussions. The project presents a video and a four-part series of podcasts following interviews with clients of the drop-in centre on Vlhká street, Brno, run by the non-governmental organisation Společnost Podané ruce. The episodes will be published once every two weeks one by one on Terén’s website and Soundcloud.