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Nové sady 1 – The Acts

The first part of the dramaturgical series of one-off performative events of the Nové sady. A participatory performance by Wayne Jordan and collective.


Místodržitelský palác, Moravská galerie

We live in difficult times. Haunted by ghosts but bereft of spirituality. We wander amongst the detritus and our machines. Lonely but never alone. The gods and ghosts speak to us but we have forgotten their language. Dark days need ceremony. A group of theatre makers invite you to join them in the performance of a ceremony. Using our bodies and voices, objects and magic we will attempt to connect with something greater than ourselves. Something just beyond. It might be beautiful. It might be ridiculous. It will probably be both. It will take patience and time. This is not a beginning. This is not an ending. Though you may find both. This is a ceremony of forever becoming. The ceremony we need. Maybe. This performance is inclusive and can be participatory but it aims to be gentle and kind.

Wayne Jordan is a theatre director and artist from Ireland. He has directed many shows at The Abbey Theatre (Ireland’s National Theatre) where he was an associate artist. His work has been performed in and created for most of the major theatres in Ireland and Northern Ireland and has toured in the UK. Since 2017 he has been living in Prague where he has been studying toward an MA in Devised and Object Theatre at the Department of Alternative Theatre and Puppetry in DAMU. Since arriving in the Czech Republic he has performed in student work in Prague at 4 + 4 Days in Motion, in Studio Hrdinů, Studio Alta. His master’s project ‘The Ceremony’ premiered in a co-production with Venuše ve Švehlovce. ‘The Acts’ is a development of that work.

Authors: Wayne Jordan and team: Carolina Arandia, Tinka Avramova, Ran Jiao & students of the JAMU Physical Theater Studio under the direction of Pierre Nadaud.

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