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Order of Sonic Chaos

Order of Sonic Chaos is a one-off project by Terén in the curatorial conception of the sound artist Jonáš Gruska, which opens the catacombs of the Centre for Experimental Theatre (CED) underneath Zelný trh in Brno to the public. The ongoing month-long program consists of three parts, which are prepared by local and international artists and collectives. Each part will offer temporary audiovisual installations which will be accessible during the daytime opening hours, music performances, meetings with the authors, and guided tours.
The interdisciplinary profile of the program interconnects music, sound and visual arts, and performance art. The visiting artists are creating new works specifically for the unique space of the catacombs which will temporarily become a laboratory art space. The artistic team is meeting in the underground space to explore the psychoacoustic attributes of sound, and the physical limits and resonance properties of the human body; the use of music during rituals and religious ceremonies, and the possibility of connecting occultism, music, and sound as a means of communication, meditation and spiritual work.
The Order of Sonic Chaos project is a follow-up to the eponymous event which has already taken place at the ZVUK festival (Bratislava), MoE (Vienna), Rumiště (Brno), Silent night (Prague), as well as the long-term activities of Terén in the catacombs of CED. They have been holding yearly site-specific projects in this unique space, relating to its physical, esthetic, and historical contexts. In 2021, an exhibition project under the title Spooky Butt – prepared by the curatorial duo Daniel Hüttler and Šimon Kadlčák – took place there.
Curator: Jonáš Gruska
Artists: MSHR (US), EJTECH (HU/MX), Angakok Thoth (SK), Jonáš Gruska (SK), František Hanousek (CZ), Jakub Hájek (CZ), Natálie Pleváková (CZ)
🏴 Order of Sonic Chaos 1: Ephemeral Shrine (18–25/8)
🏴 Order of Sonic Chaos 2: MSHR (30/8–4/9)
🏴 Order of Sonic Chaos 3: EJTECH (9–13/9)