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Order of Sonic Chaos 2: MSHR

Audiovisual installation by the artist duo MSHR (US).


The opening will take place on 18/8 at 18:00 in CED catacombs.

Order of Sonic Chaos II: MSHR exhibition block until 4/9/2022.

The second of three exhibition blocks forming the Order of Sonic Chaos project presents the work of an artistic duo MSHR created by Birch Cooper (US) and Brenna Murphy (US). The duo has worked together for over ten years to explore and create electronic sculptural systems taking the form of audiovisual compositions, performances, and installations. For the catacombs of the Centre for Experimental Theatre, they have created an interactive light/sound interface as a new and unique piece specifically designed for this space. The exhibition block will be accompanied by performances, guided tours, and meetings with the authors.

Accompanying programme:
6pm Collective Exploration #1
(Limited capacity, tickets for 100CZK)
7pm Artist Presentation/Conversation
8pm Collective Exploration #1
(Limited capacity, tickets for 100CZK)

Curatorial text by MSHR:
"MSHR presents two interlocking cybernetic compositions for the catacombs.

Self-mutating entities with composite faces: a sculpture, an interface, an instrument, a living system.

A light-audio feedback system is embedded in a table. Visitors can slide sculptural light-sensors across the surface of the table to shift the feedback patterns between light and sound. This musical interface can be played together by multiple people.

A system composed of sound emitting objects, sound reactive lights, sensors and signal processors is spread throughout the catacomb's tunnels. Visitor's movements through the space signal mutations in the system, changing the lights and sounds in the tunnels as well as the behavior of the light-audio feedback table.

These compositions are systems that are activated through exploration. The visitor's presence ripples through the nodes and connectors, acting as the source of a cascade, a flow that is constantly reforming.

Building and exploring synthetic systems is a way of meditating on the interwoven biological, ecological and technological structures that frame our experience as embodied beings living in the present"


BIO of the artists:
MSHR (Birch Cooper, Brenna Murphy)
Art collective that builds and explores sculptural electronic systems. Their practice is a self-transforming entity with its outputs patched into its inputs, expressing its form through interactive installations and live improvisations. They use digital chip conglomerates run as analog circuits and open-source software to sculpt resonant audiovisual shapes and environments. MSHR was established in 2011 by Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper. Their name is a modular acronym, designed to hold varied ideas over time, most recently Material Sentience Habitat Ring.

opening hours:
Mon-Fri 14-20:00, Sat-Sun 12-18:00
(In case of accompanying events, opening hours are extended)

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