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honey and dust: outside the box 01

Premiere 16/7/2020

Sklepní scéna CED

Scenic piece by an art collective Honey and Dust focusing on the borders between scientific and artistic exploration of the world. The work is inspired by the heritage of Gregor Johann Mendel.

This work, created by Andrej Kalina and Milan Kozánek, members of the Slovakian art group Honey and Dust, is inspired by the heritage of abbot Gregor Johann Mendel both as a researcher and as a persona, who discovered the laws of inheritance and laid the foundations for the scientific field of genetics. Outside the Box 01 is the first project from a planned series of performances focusing on the borders between scientific and artistic exploration of the world. Instead of a biographical approach, this work offers an encounter with a unique legacy of scientific thought unlimited by the preconditions of its time.

Honey and Dust vacillates between various artistic forms and genres. Under this title we can find works akin to stage plays, concerts, and installations designed for diverse spaces – from theatres and galleries to concert stages. Similarly, the performers are also musicians, artists, actors, and dancers. The main premise of the work is the development of complementary art – an artistic language crystallizing from a symbiosis of different means of expression as well as different contents. The aim is to find new means of expression by moving among diverse communities and artistic devices. An important part of the creative work of Honey and Dust is also the overlap of individual works, and exploration of mutual links between art, biology, psychology, history, physics, genetics and more.


Libretto, music, art concept, performer: Andrej Kalinka
Dramaturgy: Milan Kozánek
Photography: Karol Jarek
Director: Andrej Kalinka a Milan Kozánek

Graphic design: Jozef Ondrík (Deep Throat Studio), Květoslav Bartoš (Florian Karsten Studio)
Technical support: Jonáš Garaj, Jozef Fertaľ, Vojtěch Sláma
Special thansk: Jozef Tancer, Vladimír Zvara, Ondřej Dostál, Lucie Vychodilová, Blanka Křížová, Filip Cenek, Monika Kováčová

Mana s.r.o.
c/LAP (contemporary/LaboratoryAtelierPerformance)

Main Partner:
Supported from public sources by Slovak Art Council.

Mendelovo muzeum Masarykovy univerzity
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Komenského v Bratislavě
With the financial support of the Bratislava City Foundation.
With the support of the Bratislava self-governing region.

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