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A Play for the Ears

Sun 19. 2. 2023, 18:00

The listening evening at the CIT Cinema (TIC Gallery), featuring the internationally award-winning radio play "Playing for the Ears" and an original presentation by its creators, director Jiří Adámek Austerlitz and musician, curator and audiovisual artist Ladislav Železný. Free admission.

The listening evening is an accompanying event to the dernier of the production on the border between theatre, music and art installation People Pacing Back and Forth, which will take place on Monday 20/1 in the warehouse space of OC Dornych at 19:30.

The artists will give a glimpse into their private archives in an original presentation. They have prepared samples of artistic and especially musical inspirations that have influenced them in recent years. They will also offer a record of their own experimentation, which they and other members of the creative team of People Pacing Back and Forth have undertaken.

A Play for the Ears
40 min, Czech Radio production, 2019

Playing for the Ears is an abstract sound-music meditation on radio production, the creation of radio artworks and their reception by listeners.

The authors were inspired by the archive of the Brno art historian, theorist, artist and poet Jiří Valoch. Valoch's short, graphic writings are rarely longer than a few words. What is striking, however, is their philosophical content. All of them focus on the phenomenon of the "word" as a special, strictly human form. Austerlitz, in Playing for the Ears, applied Valoch's creative method to the phenomenon of radio art and its listeners.

Soprano: Vendula Holičková
Alt: Anna Bubníková
Tenor: Pavol Smolárik
Bass: Ondřej Bauer
Directed by Jiří Adámek
Music and sound: Ladislav Železný
Dramaturgy: Renata Venclová

Jiří Adámek Austerlitz
Jiří Adámek Austerlitz (1977) studied directing at the Department of Alternative and Puppetry Theatre at DAMU, where he now works as a teacher. He has developed an original type of musical or "sonic" theatre, in which he mixes musically composed structure and vocal techniques between speech and singing. He develops a specific approach to language and speech (deconstruction, fragmentation, rhythmization) mainly with his theatre group Boca Loca Lab.

Adámek regularly performs in a number of Czech theatres. On the New Stage of the National Theatre he has staged
As a librettist and director of the he collaborates on music-theatre compositions, staged concerts and new operas. With composer Martin Smolka, he created, among others, the opera The Maze of Lists (in with Michal Nejtek, the opera Rules
Since creating his first full-length production of the "music-theatre" type, Adámek has won various awards: for his production Tiká tiká politika (2006), he received the Music Theatre Now! award in Germany and the Prize for Original Theatre Form at the Contact Festival in Toruń. The production for children From the Jungle Book (2007) won the Alfred Radok Award for scenography, was awarded in three categories at the Mateřinka Festival in Liberec and won the main prize at the Banialuka Festival in Bialsko-Biała. The opera Sezname, otevři se! (2014) won the Theatre Newspaper Award.

Austerlitz also regularly collaborates with Czech Radio, again as author and director in one person. His Play for the Ears (2019) won the international Karl Sczuka Preis, Grand Prix Nova in Romania and the Czech Prix Bohemia. As a librettist and choir director, he participated in the film documentary opera Kaprkód (directed by Lucie Králová, 2022), which won the Best Music Documentary award at the Krakow Film Festival and the main prize of the Jihlava IDFF. She has been theoretically devoted to experimental "musical theatre" in her doctoral thesis Théâtre musical/ Theatre bound by music (published by NAMU, 2011).

Ladislav Železný
Ladislav Železný (1979) graduated from the Higher Vocational School of Ceramics in Bechyně and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Brno University of Technology, where he later worked as an assistant in sound applications and external teacher. Since 2008 he has been working at Czech Radio on the development of sound design for radio plays and literary works. Currently, he works as a music dramaturg at TS Hudba, focusing on unconventional music and experimental radio production. He curates the R{A}DIO{CUSTICA} project, where he also produces special concert events, live broadcasts, or recordings of concerts and prepares the Radioateliér programme with its exclusive premiere series PremEdice Radioateliér, all for the Czech Radio Vltava station. For several years now, it has also participated in one of the biggest media bridges "Art's Birthday - Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening", which is part of the global conceptual holiday Art's Birthday, i.e. the celebration of the Birthday of Art. He is a member of the Euroradio Ars Acustica Expert Group. He has been involved in activities related to broadcasting, radio, live broadcasts and ether since his studies at FaVU. As one of the authors, he participated in the broadcasting of the radio Lemurie TAZ, which is connected with the beginnings of the experimental space ROXY/NoD.

During his time at Czech Radio, the radio plays he has participated in or his musical and dramaturgical works have won numerous awards both in this country (Prix Bohemia) and abroad (Prix Marulič, Grand Prix Nova, Palma Ars Acustica, Phonurgia Nova, Prix Italia, Prix Europe, Karl-Sczuka-Preis).

Outside of radio, he is profiled as a sound installation and intermedia artist, musician and sound performer. Between 2006 and 2011, he has been involved musically in projects of non-verbal theatre and contemporary dance (Ponec, Alfred ve dvoře, Studio tanca). In 2011 he was one of the ten finalists of the project "Europe - a sound panorama" at ZKM (Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe). He creates or has created various sound and music compositions for short films, radio plays and audiobooks. He collaborates with the theatre group Boca Loca Lab.

19/2/2023, 18:00
kino CIT (galerie TIC)