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40th anniversary of TJ Tesla Lesná – architours, discussion, artistic intervention

Sat 7. 10. 2023, 9:00
TJ Tesla, Lesná

Terén invites you to an architectural walk that will present the history and possible future of the TJ Tesla sports hall in Brno na Lesná. The event takes place as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of TJ Tesla.

On Saturday 7/10 TJ Tesla will celebrate 40 years since its foundation. During the day, there will be a discussion with architects and two tours of the hall with Šárka Svobodová, architectural historian, curator and founding member of the Brno-based 4AM/Forum for Architecture and Media. We will look at the hall from the outside and inside, getting to know it in the context of its architecture, history and significance for the place.

The architectural tour will be followed by a discussion with architects who were directly involved in the construction of the TJ Tesla sports hall. The architects Viktor and Martin Rudiš and Tomáš Jurák have accepted the invitation to the discussion.

During the celebrations, there will also be an art intervention by the authors of the project Šarka Zahálková and Eliska Říhová - Standing on the Edge of the Pool. Two reporters, Lenka and Sara, will be on site to conduct research and, together with a film crew, to capture who and what all is connected to the area and to connect seemingly distant groups such as lifeguards, the swimming public, bodybuilders and architects. The resulting footage will serve as the basis for a series of workshops and final performances in the fall.

9:00 architectural tour with architectural theorist Šárka Svobodová
15:00 discussion with architects
17:00 architectural tour with Šárka Svobodová
During the day there is an art intervention Standing on the Edge of the Pool.

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9:00 architectural walk
15:00 discussion with architects Viktor Rudiš, Martin Rudiš and Tomáš Jurák
17:00 architectural walk

Throughout the day, the artists Šarka Zahálková and Eliska Říhová will be providing artistic intervention.