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Spooky Butt 1: Bio-organic / Somatic digestion

The first exhibition of the Spooky Butt series curated by Šimon Kadlčák and Daniel Hüttler with the title Bio-Organic / Somatic Digestion is inspired by the organic processes that go on inside our bodies – sometimes without us noticing. Inside of us, a somatic digestive system is at work. It can send signals to our subconscious and thereby steer our perception, our feelings and emotions. So our being always entails parts that we cannot consciously access. The exhibition tries to touch upon these dark processes of our inner middle.

In the catacombs beneath the Centre for Experimental Theatre, complete bodies will go through a staged digestive organ and encounter artworks as well as performances that depict the somatic digestion mentioned above so as to confront unfamiliar feelings of embodiment and react to horrific notions of physical shapes. In this internal path, the visitor shall undergo a self-examination of their organic components that are hidden from plain sight.

How can we visualise the organic, the somatic and the digestive?
Or do we have to accept that a part of us remains in the dark?

In her paintings, Kinke Kooi creates diagrams of these processes that immerse the viewers in an imaginative space of transpersonal levelling – a space that is confronted by the gorish explicitness of Csaba Kis-Róka. These two-dimensional works break on the concave rooms and carve out a tunnel where the sculptural invocations of Chin Tsao dialogue with the mystic characters of Marek Delong and Anna Slama. In between, you will find Kea Bolenz´s fine-line works that encapsulate entities in the act of transgressing these dimensions.

In her spoken word performance, Markéta Wagnerová explores the outcomes of somatic repetition. Daphna Horenczyk will fill the nooks and crannies the hollow organ has to offer with her and Jolyane Langlois’ translation of internal processes into body movements while Denise Palmieri will unfold the sensitive surfaces of the underground path to digest not matter, but the geological and architectural history of the site itself.

COVID preventive measures: To enter the exhibition you have to meet one of the three requirements: 1) having the first vaccine dose administered at least 22 days prior to the event 2) having undergone COVID-19 (immunity lasts for 180 days) 3) having a negative POC antigen test no older than 72 hours or a negative PCR test no older than 7 days. The capacity of the venue is regulated and the visitors are required to wear a respirator.

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2–11/7/2021 Spooky Butt 1: Bio-Organic / Somatic Digestion
4–15/8/2021 Spooky Butt 2: Bio-Efficient / Recursive Procession
4–12/9/2021 Spooky Butt 3: Co-Parasitic / Microbial Regression

opening hours:
po–pá/Mo–Fr 14–20:00
so–ne/Sat–Sun 12–18:00