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Fri 4. 10. 2019, 22:00

A showcase of the Argentinian music producers’ collective TRRUENO.

The foundation of the collective and record label based in Buenos Aires, Argentina sprang from ten projects linked by the common practice of the use of new technologies as a resource and means to broaden the spectrum of aesthetic possibilities on the scene of electronic and experimental music, performance and audiovisual work. Bungalovv - Candie - Agustin Genoud - Tatiana Heuman QEEI - MAAY - VLZQUES.


Bungalovv is an electronic alternative music project lead by Pablo Betas, a core member of the internationally acclaimed label Infinite Machine. His sound functions as an anchorage of Middle Eastern folk rhythms, African percussion, and pre-Columbian and Latin American instruments. All these elements together form an experimental electronic ecosystem where nocturnal, robotic, and mechanical faunas coexist. The project was born in early 2013 and has two physical albums and the latest virtual EP, “Luz Mala” (IM). Pablo is currently working on the mixing process of a full 13-track album that will be released this 2019 again by Infinite Machine.


CANDIE is the AV project of Milagros Castillo in which she experiments with different languages and artistic techniques. Her work with strong undertones of social criticism is inspired by popular culture and personal introspection.


🏳️ Agustin Genoud
Agustin uses voice as a medium to envelope forces that inhabit him as well as those that elapse him. He thinks of a voice as a channeler of psychosocial and spiritual symptoms; as well as their creator and reformulator. He considers the voice as a practice, experience, and experimentation; he sees sound as a force of knowledge and strength. Agustin uses various technologies and technical processes to reformulate the human and biological capabilities, our common sense, myths and customs.


🏳️ Tatiana Heuman Qeei
Tatiana Heuman started developing her own unique style of producing electronic music. After two EPs released in 2014 (Aural Sects) and 2016 (Trrueno), her first album was out in August 2018: ‘QEEI’ released on ASTRO NAUTICO (NY), subsequently acclaimed by Fader and Tiny Mixtapes. Her sound offers a multi-layered collection of deconstructed pop songs marked by stuttering percussion, chaotic microsamples, and infectious vocal melodies. 'QEEI' violates the borders through glassy ultrasound and entrancing hyperrhythms. At the moment, she’s living and working in Berlin.


MAAY is an argentinian DJ/producer from Buenos Aires, based in Berlin at the moment. Her sets demonstrate a hybrid combination of dark atmospheres, latin rhythms and emotional trance melodies. She started djing in TRRUENO venues and hosting various rave parties. She recently joined Catnapp (Monkeytown Records) as her official DJ and debuted in Berlin’s Berghain.


Vlzques, real name Krištof Budke is a DJ, producer and music journalist. Besides his work at Swine Daily webmagazine and Academia Film Olomouc, where he manages the complete music program, he DJ with Olomouc-based LATE NIGHT crew. His selection is typical with tropical club bangers, underground trap, baile funk and more. He produces abstract ambient hip-hop beats as well.


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4/10/2019 22:00
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As a series of clubbing nights starting in 2017, SOfT has presented experimental projects of the contemporary international electronic music scene.