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Rickey Mouse Fun House – Night at the Mouseleum

Fri 30. 9. 2022, 19:30
OC Dornych

Comical, satirical and crazy evening with man-size burnt-out entertainer mouse and his gnawer colleagues. The event is being held as part of Terén's 3-year celebration.

Twitched and genre-free music, strange and instructive performance numbers form an event horizon of culture critical and an orgasmic art experience saturated with dark light. Rickey Mouse Fun House is juggling with political correctness, traveling beyond the boundaries of good taste and revitalizing the ancient art of the Underground.

“Our multinational group brings you the third edition of RMFH, this time we meet the already deceased Cat Communistic leader Maow and enjoy his honorary memorial show played to you by Rickey Mouse and his All-Mouse House band. We celebrate the death of open politics and embrace the flow of the surrounding obscure contemporary nightmare with eyes crossed and tongue in the cheek.”

Performers: Pasi Mäkelä, Petr Vrba, Tomas Vtipil, Klara Pudlakova, Elia Morretti, Keya Singh, Roland Rauschmeier, etc.

The production was supported by Státní fond kultury ČR.

Pasi Mäkelä (1975) is a Finnish conceptual artist, performer, choreographer and musician partly based in Prague. His performances are largely based on butoh (butō), a Japanese avant-garde dance that emerged in the early 1960s. Butoh is known for its extreme physical approach to dance expression. Pasi developed the Finnish version of butoh dance. During the last years he has been actively involved in many diverse performances and musical projects in Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.


No language barrier.
Duration: 50 minut

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