Field for performing arts

Opening ceremony

The opening evening will offer performances of a sound artist Martin Janíček, a musician Elia Moretti and Roman Radkovič Collective group with guests.

Martin Janíček plays his self-constructed instruments which employ the acoustic qualities of the individual materials. He amplifies the sound using microphones and contact sensors. Martin Janíček has worked in the field of sound art since 1991. Since then, he has created dozens of sound objects oscillating between sculpture, musical instrument, sound installation, site specific project and various overlaps between the individual categories.

Elusive music offering an experience of the purest form of sound beyond any rules and expectations. It is an unsettling longing for something that has never existed. A chaotic fusion of rhythms and arrangements immersed in mystical lyrics about love, friendship, and apocalypse. Guests: Tomáš Vtípil and Ladislav Mirvis Mirvald.

Elia devotes his music to interdisciplinary languages and performativity of the sound. He is a percussion player with an academic background in Italy. At the moment, he's a PhD candidate at Charles University where he studies contemporary music theatre.

1. 10. 2019, 19:00
Centrum experimentálního divadla
Zelný trh 9