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Little Visitors in Mexico

Fri 22. 9. 2023, 10:00
Mexico City

Hosting the production of Little Visitors and accompanying educational activities in Mexico City are in collaboration with Alas y Raíces, a program of the Coordinación Nacional de Desarrollo Cultural Infantil (CNDCI) / Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de México). The performance is part of the PerformCzech Skills project, an educational event in Mexico, organized by the Institute of Arts - Theatre Institute with the support of the National Recovery Plan.

A theatre play for children, their parents, and all who love visiting others. Our rather peculiar hostess lives together with animals, mushrooms and dream creatures. She brews colourful dyes from flowers, herbs and spices, and she likes to paint. While she does so, she is either silent or she is murmuring to herself. She’ll be happy to welcome you to her home, where you can look at her paintings, sit down and enjoy this miraculous meeting. Feel free to paint and have a cup of juice. For children from 4 years of age.

Little Visitors attempts to show things up close. To let you experience the moment of colour creation, feel how the paper soaks it up, see how to hold a brush, how it glides over the surface, and how it resists. It is a glance at things common and simple that, however, at a closer look speak in a language of miracles. The performance unfolds as a dialogue between Veronika Vlková, a painter and an illustrator, and Robert Smolík, a puppeteer and a scenographer. It is a dialogue on the border between an exhibition and theatre.

Robert Smolík
The artist Robert Smolík, is mainly dedicated to the creation of puppets, illustration & scenography. He has worked on the puppets for the film Kuku se vrací and for the film Čertí brko he was nominated for the Český lev award in the category of film set design. He has worked with a number of theatres such as Alfred ve dvoře, Buns and Puppets and the theatre group Handa Gote Researchand Development. Smolík lives in Jičín, where he founded a puppet theatre called Škrobotník, Šlundra a Šibrová – Skupina ŠŠŠ. He is currently an assistant professor at DAMU, Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre.

Veronika Vlková
The artist Veronika Vlková is mainly dedicated to the illustration of children's books, which she creates in collaboration with the artist Jan Šrámek. Their latest books include the award-winning To je metro čéče and Apolenka z modrotisku, for which the duo won the Illustrator of the Year Award at the Czech Grand Design, 2020. She works at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno.

Authors: Veronika Vlková, Robert Smolík

No language barrier
Duration: 60 minut
For children from 4 years of age

The performance takes place in the CED Studio, on the 1st floor of the Centre for Experimental Theatre. There is no elevator.

22–24/9/2023, Mexico City

22/9 at 11:00 and 17:00, 23/9 at 10:00 and 13:00 and 24/9 at 10:00 and 13:00

Accompanying programme:
18/8 Workshop with Robert Smolík, 10–14:00
19/8 Workshop with Robert Smolík, 10–14:00