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Michał Salwiński: The Dream in a Supermarket

Fri 30. 9. 2022, 10:00
OC Dornych

Imaginární výprava pro jednoho diváka s telefonem. The event is being held as part of Terén's 3-year celebration.

he spectator is invited to join the unique shopping experience of contemplating the supermarket universe and re-imagining connection with the objects that can be bought there. The spectator will be guided by the fictional Astronaut via mobile phone by story-telling, walking and following simple, playful instructions and tasks.
The spectator will travel in space and time, looking for objects that make the feeling shine, try the taste of “fantasia” and take part in the imaginary hunting. During the phone-call conversation the companions will explore the traces of emotions and memories belonging to the supermarket land.

"I will be your companionship on the imaginary journey, to discover emotional traces that connect us as the ‘supermarket tribe’. I will share with you the ritual of shopping. The first supermarket that I’ve been shopping at was in my hometown Krakow in Poland, in the terrain of my childhood. In the last decade of the XX century, the time of transformation from communism to capitalism, the supermarket was an unknown island, like a space station from a science-fiction movie.
Every first Saturday of the month with my family we used to take backpacks to the journey of shopping ritual. I was controlling the space-ship on the expedition to find the objects of unique meaning“

Michał Salwiński (PL) – director of the original performances "Minimum" (2015) and "Traces of Endless Stories" (2021), which he created for Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw. A graduate of the Master's programme in directing at the Theatre Academy in Kraków, he is currently a student of the Master's programme in directing within the Devised and Object theatre programme at DAMU. In his artistic journey he explores what it means to be a man, focusing on the themes of boyhood and masculinity, as evidenced by his projects A Walk with a Boy to the Willow Tree and Dreamy Walk. He works on individual performances, audio walks and installations. He explores ways of being in the world and co-existence with other beings. He mixes narrative, drawing and audiovisual codes in the dramaturgy of his works to create environments and invite the viewer to access a place of connection with nature and the childlike imagination.

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30/9/2022, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00
OC Dornych