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Michaela Kachtíková: Symbiotic Imprint

Wed 22. 5. 2024, 18:00
Katakomby CED

Michaela Kachtíková's thesis explores the symbiotic relationship between the physicality and the mind through a meditative practice that materializes in a site-specific installation inside the white catacombs. The work reflects the author's personal research in the field of inner mental space that is transformed into physical form. The author presents a space that is familiar but at the same time alien to her, and that is constantly transforming and evolving as a result of long-term care. This process leads to the creation of a unique dialogue between external and internal environments, where physical interaction and bodily presence become key components for deeper understanding and self-knowledge. The site-specific installation has the ambition to connect the external and the internal world, the visible and the hidden, inside and outside.

Michaela Kachtíková
A recent graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, where she studied with Svatopluk Mikyta and Milan Houser. In recent years, she has focused mainly on free spatial creation, working with materiality, and in combination with papier mache and glass, she achieves impressive physical objects. In his objects he reveals "landscapes of the body" reflecting with time care the physicality, intimacy and discovery of his physical essence and soul as a whole.

The thesis is co-financed with the support of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno.

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22/5/2024, 18:00
Catacombs Centraexperimentálního divadla (Zelný trh 9)