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Klub přátel životních příběhů

Wed 17. 4. 2024, 19:00
Sklepní scéna CED

During the evening called Club of Friends of Life Stories, we will present an experimental research project dedicated to the fate of people from institutions zivotnipribehy.com, introduce Michal Synek and Dana Hradcová's new book islands / disabilities / public and give a glimpse into the comics stories of Dora Brázdovičová. A deafening flood of healing sounds will be offered by the legendary noise band Roman Radkovič Collective together with Matúš Kobolka, the DJ set will be provided by seafur.

🐸 Life Stories Project
Life Stories for Human Rights (www.zivotnipribehy.com) is a project of people with institutional experience, academics, artists, musicians, journalists and others interested in collective experimental narratives. We are interested in the stories of people who have spent long periods of time in institutions - that is, in various "homes", mental hospitals and other residential facilities - and we listen to, record and tell these stories together through various media. While the official versions of our stories often take the form of a simple list of the various institutions and hospitals that a person has been through, accompanied by a list of diagnoses, these are not simple stories. When told by their protagonists - that is, people who have lived them themselves - they are full of pain and loneliness, as well as defiance, imagination and perseverance in the face of almost invincible disciplinary technologies. Through storytelling, we weave together new networks of support that enable people affected by long-term institutionalization to connect their life stories to those of the larger communities on whose "margins" they have hitherto unfolded.

🐸 Debate/performance of the storytellers of the Life Stories for Human Rights project
You'll learn what you didn't know before and hear what you haven't heard before. It will be nice, but it may make you cry, because it is also sad. We tell it so that people know it is happening and so that bad things don't happen again. We've recorded, written, composed and drawn a lot in two years. It's good that we can tell people like this, it's hard for them to know otherwise. We also do it so that you can find good housing and good people for yourself and for others, and so that we can breathe clean air and love animals. I hope you'll be interested. We'll see.

🐸 Book launch islands / disabilities / public
Our ethnographic research confirms that institutions in the disability archipelago are isolated, hard-to-reach places, crisscrossed by hard-to-cross boundaries separating residents from staff, ordinary life from care strategies, and people labelled as disabled from the rest of us who are not (yet) labelled as disabled. But the disability archipelago is not just a region of exclusion and exploitation. It is also a space of problematisation where publics made up of people affected by the operation of institutional regimes gather. Alongside an ethnographic description of the world of institutions and an empirical-theoretical search for answers to the question of what socio-material arrangements and interests keep it alive, our book offers a hope for change: a pragmatically based vision of the disabled public as a mutable open community in which exclusion is replaced by shared affectedness and proven ways of dealing with disability by creative ignorance.

The book Archipelago / Disability / Public is published by Display – Association for Research and Collective Practice.

🐸 Concert of Roman Radkovič Collective with guest Matúš Kobolka
I had my own band. I had 150 bands. It cost a lot of money. I was buying drums, sound systems. My brother got mad, and then there was a lawsuit. And I said: Judge, I can't pay this anymore, so what am I gonna do? Well, what's he gonna do, he's gonna be institutionalized, so here I am. Sing while you can, your vocal cords are good, sing, and if you do, take your medicine.

Improvisation, noise and no-wave. All stereotypes shattered. Authenticity, virtuosity and a fatal need to create, defying all genre classifications. That you haven't heard anything that shakes you in a long time? Please take the opportunity. The soundtrack to shots of floating plastic, dead fish, clear-cut forests, melting glaciers... Our planet will survive, our planet fears nothing, we will sustain the planet. There are people out there. The weather is nice.


🐸 DJ set seafur
Seafur is an illustrator, tattoo artist and DJ. Her selections are eclectic, playful, sometimes goofy and chaotic, but always with a strong emphasis on vocals, percussion & booty-shaking sounds. Hyperpop and afrobeats, batida and r'n'b, merengue and footwork, salsa and amapiano. There's plenty to fill you up, and chip away, to jump in the air, and stick to the ground.

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17/4/2024 od 19:00
Cellar Stage of Centre for Experimental Theatre

The Life Stories for Human Rights project is supported by Norway Grants 2014–2021.