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Gob Squad: Super Night Shot

Thu 3. 10. 2019, 21:00

A performance of the international creators’ collective confronting the urban landscape of Brno.

Super Night Shot is a magical journey through the night-time streets of a not too distant city. Full of unexpected surprises, the public become co-stars in a movie that celebrates unplanned meetings with strangers and delights in the randomness of urban existence. Both comical and moving, Super Night Shot attempts to elevate the banality of everyday life into the glamour and glitz of a big screen blockbuster. It’s a completely unpredictable show that elevates the everyday into the epic and plays with your perceptions of the familiar. Anything can happen, and usually does.

Super Night Shot is Gob Squad’s most widely toured production, with nearly 200 unique presentations since the project’s inception in 2003, each one shot and screened only once in the host city. The piece has been performed in 4 languages on 6 continents and is still as fresh, dangerous and exciting as on the day the 4 performer/activists first stepped onto the icy streets of Berlin in order to wage their “War on Anonymity”.

The international group of seven artists has been on the scene since 1994. It was established by members of two important theatre academies – the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen and the Nottingham Trent University. At the moment, the group is primarily based in Berlin. Its original and provocative work, merging performance with visual arts, video art and multimedia technologies, has gained recognition around the world.

Gob Squad often perform their shows in places such as offices, department stores, railway stations, hotels, or tennis courts, though in their program they don’t avoid the conventional theatre space either. As one of the most innovative contemporary theatre groups, they performed in Prague in 2008 where they introduced Warhol’s persiflage Kitchen. Later on, they performed the show Before Your Very Eyes with a large group of children which was co-produced by Campo theatre. In the Czech Republic, Gob Squad’s work is only partially known and the latest developments remain unnoticed, even though it is a group which, together with for example Rimini Protokoll, She She Pop, Monster Truck, or Goat Island, shapes the contemporary face of devised theatre – that is, original theatre which is far from the conventional text interpretations or well-established processes of theatre creation. A prominent New York cultural news portal Culturebot described Gob Squad as “an odd beast who mix performance and happening with film, TV, and pop cultural references, and create an oddly beautiful and compelling world”. Besides the numerous references to everyday situations and the whole universe of the mundane, Gob Squad build their works through the misuse of various pop culture patterns as well as the collaborative audience participation.

The performance will be followed by Q&A - questions and answers. Prepare your inquisitive questions and ask whatever you like.


Na Terénní úpravě spolupracovali: Slavnostní zahájení: Martin Jníček, Roman Radkovič Collective, Elia Morreti; Martinů/Gide: Oidipus: režie: Mark Ther, dramaturgie: Lukáš Jiřička, Matyáš Dlab, scénografie: Matěj Sýkora, kostýmy: Zuzana Formánková, světelný design: Jonáš Garaj; kolektiv GOB SQUAD; kolektiv TRRUENO: Bungalovv, Candie, Agustin Genoud, Tatiana Heuman, QEEI, MAAY a VLZQUES; Otomo Yoshihide; IQ+1; Tereza Říčanová; Dagmar Urbánková; Československé klacky; Strýček Samčo.

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3/10/2019 21:00
Sál Břetislava Bakaly
Žerotínovo nám. 6

Performance lasts 60 minutes.