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Dům kultury a konců

Sat 10. 6. 2023, 14:00
OC Dornych (3. patro, využijte vnitřní eskalátory)

At the beginning of June, the 3rd edition of the interdisciplinary event organized by HaDivadlo and the Terén platform will take place in the industrial premises of OC Dornych.

The full-day event, called Dům kultury a konců (House of Culture and Endings), offers a space for the visitors, creators and guides to share their experiences, feelings and ideas. It brings scenic, audio, visual and discussion reflecting on what endings can be. Endings may not only be a sign of collapse, decay, death and extinction but also of transformation or a stimulus for the creation of something new. They can offer the transformation of what has long been inanimate or static into another dynamic force and quality.

The House of Culture and Endings is not only a space for a joint reflection on this challenging topic but also leads to the creation of a summary or manual of practical solutions on how to end different situations well, revealing the contradiction and tension between the demands of society and the personal experience of the world.

This one-day event builds on previous editions called Dům kultury a naděje (House of Culture and Hope) and Dům kultury a únavy (House of Culture and Fatigue). Dům kultury a konců will be held in the premises of OC Dornych, a brutalist building in the center of Brno, which itself is destined for imminent demolition, with its physical end in sight. The event is a collaboration between HaDivadlo and Terén.


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10/6/2023 in OC Dornych (3rd floor), use internal escalators

The programme will be held in Czech language.