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Architecture Day

Mon 2. 10. 2023, 18:00

This year, the Terén platform will take part in Architecture Day At 18:00, a performance Analysis of Housing will take place in OC Dornych and at 20:00 a screening of Film and Architecture – Robin Hood Gardens will take place.

18:00 Housing Analysis

Intermedia format on the border of spoken word (Petra Hůlová), experimental music (Petr Vrba) and video (Jiří Havlíček), which allows complex work with meaning. The possibilities of interpretation define the changing relationship between all three components of the performance: from interplay to critical dialogue.

The framework of this narrative collage with documentary and autobiographical elements is a neighborhood barbecue and the gap where it is to be built. While the community gathering serves as a springboard for activism in the local neighborhood, two disposal machines make friends on the horizon of the cul-de-sac, which cuts through the city from north to south like a mirror of the highway. What unites us is an interest in the workings of public space as a site of activisms and their complex relationships, the ways in which we think about urban space. We follow the current intense public debate about neighborhoods, gentrification, social housing or developers. We perform on stage, but we are not actors and what we do is not theatre.

Analysis of Housing is the second project of this type by Petra Hůlová, Petr Vrba and Jiří Havlíček, after Space Pandemics, which premiered in December 2020 and focused on the environment of the border periphery and the reflection on Czech-German relations with regard to the pandemic.

Jiří Havlíček is an artist and curator. He is a teacher at the Text Form Function studio at the Faculty of Arts in Ostrava. He has made several short films - Captives of Film 2012, Film Week (2016), Reconstruction (2018), which were screened at domestic and international festivals. He is the author of the novel Theory of Ghosts (2018).
Petra Hůlová is the author of novels (including The Thief of My Father (2019), A Brief History of the Movement (2018), Stepmother (2014), and The Artificial Three-Room (2006). She also writes plays and screenplays. She is one of the founders of the Writers Association.

Petr Vrba is one of the leading Czech musicians dedicated to musical improvisation. He works as a performer, workshop leader or concert organizer. His discography includes over forty titles released on prestigious labels such as Another Timbre, Mikroton, Corvo and others. He is the founder of several international ensembles in which he performs with the most prominent figures of the European free improvisation scene such as Thomas Lehn, Franz Hautzinger, Xavier Charles, Axel Dörner, Birgit Ulher and others.

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20:00 Robin Hood Gardens
(Adrian Dorschner, Thomas Beyer, Germany, 2022, 90 min., english, english titles)

London's now demolished Robin Hood Gardens apartment complex often provokes conflicting attitudes in the architectural community. Was Alison and Peter Smithson's brutalist 1972 feat a misunderstood masterpiece or a failure of social engineering? Fifty years after its opening, the documentary captures the building in all its glory just before a wrecking ball puts an end to the Smithsons' magnum opus. While an artifact of the already demolished structure is honored at the Venice Biennale, the film returns to the critics, admirers, and the building's very inhabitants to try to determine the true legacy of this particular utopia.

Tickets: basic 160CZK, discounted 140CZK


2/10/2023, od 18:00

The programme takes place as part of the festival Den architektury.