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VIDEOGRAM 118: Urvakan festival

St 7. 12. 2022, 19:00

Zveme na další lekci z cyklu Videogram / TIM Master Class, ze série přednášek o současné kurátorské a umělecké praxi.

Urvakan Festival
In this talk we will touch upon the origins and development of Armenia's Urvakan festival’s concept and its approach to programming, that strives to create new contexts for the regional scenes. We will also discuss ‘A Collective Memoir’ project and the Eastern contribution to hauntology, and the role of culture in the times of wars, pandemic and permacrisis.
The talk will be held by Andrei Zailer, the program director of the Urvakan Festival.

Andrei Zailer
Andrei Zailer is a program director, curator and writer based in Tbilisi, Georgia. With a background in music journalism, he's been working in festival and live show production in different roles for more than a decade. As a curator, Andrei is focusing on varied forms of experimental sound and art, as well as the music of Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. He works as a program director for Armenia's Urvakan festival, that dedicated its latest edition to the themes of regionalism, decoloniality and sonic activism. His other recent projects include 'A Collective Memoir', exploring the conceptions of time and collective memories, co-curation for the MaWaheb festival, that showcased traditional, contemporary and experimental artists of SWANA region, multidisciplinary experimental art platform TKANI, and contributions for EastEast magazine.

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7/12 v 19:00
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