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VIDEOGRAM 114 / TIM Master class: Ma3azef

St 6. 4. 2022, 19:00

Join us for the next talk in the series of lectures on contemporary curatorial and artistic practice and theory, π•π’ππžπ¨π π«πšπ¦ / π“πˆπŒ 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐜π₯𝐚𝐬𝐬.

Ma3azef is a web magazine and online radio that was established as a response to the complete lack of critical writing on contemporary Arab music. Ma3azef publishes interviews, mixtapes, radio shows, reviews and critical writings on contemporary music written in Arabic to re-write the global perspective on Arab and Middle Eastern music and musicians. The platform covers musicians without the need to contextualize them within the political narrative of the region they come from. Although not necessarily shying away from politics, the site primarily puts the artistic merits of the music at the forefront.
The talk will offer a brief insight into the regional scene and its agents, sub-genres and micro-community happenings. The main focus will centre on how the music industry is shaped around the world today, which will help us understand the necessity of publishing and archiving music within the region and the need to reflect on these works to preserve their story or follow their transformation.
The lecture will be held by Jinane Chaaya, founder of Radio Ma3azef and Moe Choucair.

π‰πˆππ€ππ„ π‚π‡π€π€π˜π€
Jinane Chaaya is the co-founder of Radio Ma3azef, an online radio platform launched in 2020. She is also a film producer and audio-visual artist who’s worked on diverse short and feature films in Beirut, where she is based. Jinane is currently taking part in the NAFAS art residency, supported by the French Institute.

πŒπŽπ„ π‚π‡πŽπ”π‚π€πˆπ‘
Director of The Ballroom Blitz and co-manager of Radio Ma3azef, Moe Choucair works to build a sustainable scene in the Middle East with programs that debut genres regularly on Friday nights as well as on the world wide web. Under the β€œJACKTHEFISH” and β€œBAKISA” monikers, Moe internationally guested clubs, festivals, radio shows and special showcases including two Boiler Rooms. He is also an editor of the Ballroom Express, a publication made to discuss, censor-free, musicians and art from the region.


The lecture is a part of the online course TIM Master Class taught within Theory of Interactive Media MUNI and part of the series Videogram at FFA BUT under the auspices of the Department of Audiovisual Technology. Further programme at www.videogram.favu.vut.cz

The lecture will take place online through the ZOOM platform. The lecture will be held in English.
πŸ“Ž cesnet.zoom.us/j/96191390906
πŸ“Ž Meeting ID: 961 9139 0906