Pole performativního umění

Punk against Lukashenko: The Pau (PL), CTIB, Snackthief

Po 3. 4. 2023, 21:00
Studio CED (1. patro)
Vstup volný

Beneficial concert to support anarchist black cross Belarus and belarusian political prisoners. Accompanying programme for I am going to Magadan based on the prison diary of Belarusian anarchist Ihar Alinevich, which will take place 3/4 at 19:30 na Sklepní scéně CED.

There were 1400 political prisoners in Belarus by the end of 2022. The Lukashenko´s regime labels as terrorists already not only anarchists and antifascists, who face the state oppression for years by any means necessary, but anyone who disagrees with the state policy.

One of the last organisations, that tries to help the imprisoned and their families, even though it practically functions in illegality, is the anarchist black cross Belarus abc-belarus.org. Therefore we decided to organize a beneficial concert as a support to the unjustly imprisoned and their families.

The concert is part of the off-programme for our performance I am going to Magadan. The profit will be transferred to the account of ABC Belarus.

The Pau (PL)
The Pau is a project by Polish artist Paulina Dudek. Her music is a combination of sharp guitar riffs, multi-layered rhythms, wild vocals and is in the spirit of post-punk. Paulina composes music, writes lyrics, plays electric guitar and her performances are accompanied by beats recorded on her mobile phone.

The only person working in the disco-ego-punk genre. He kind of invented it himself. If you don't experience it, you won't understand. Anyway, it'll be live. And loud.

Brno underground band inspired by the best of American midwest emo. Their music will not leave anyone in peace. Sad melodies and playfulness, that's Snackthief.

Event is happening in the collaboration between Divadlo 3+KK and Terén.

Admission to the concert is voluntary, the recommended amount is 250,- CZK.

3/4/2023, 21:00
Studio CED (1. floor)