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Workshop: (Still) Life With a Laptop, a Crocodile and an Orange

Sun 23. 1. 2022, 10:00

Online workshop of the artistic collective PYL

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Through exploring different ways of relating to things, surprising connections appear. In this 1-day workshop, PYL introduces strategies for rethinking the materiality of everyday objects and revealing the multiplicity of narratives behind them.

We will start with the things on your writing desk, on the floor, in the corner of your room, and get to know how they “speak” to you and to each other. You might hear the story of the birth of your fridge while someone is breathing. By becoming aware of the relationships between us and our surroundings, we can experience where an object ends, where a landscape starts, and how we fit in it. Based on our shared experience and observations, we can create our new common world with its own language and logic. Is it not the ideas, symbols and feelings that can keep a world together?

The workshop runs in two time blocks during one day:
10am – 12pm
2pm – 4pm

Lectors: Theresa Schrezenmeir, Světlana Silič, Maria Komarova
Number of participants: 10

basic knowledge of English language
laptop with a microphone, a camera and Zoom installed
quiet space in a familiar environment (e.g. in a personal room or an atelier) with the possibility to use things from this space
a table, or another surface for working with material, in a position that allows it to be filmed by a camera used for the Zoom meeting

Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Registration is required.
Free spots will be booked according to the time of registration’s receipt.
Email address for registration and/or further questions: teren@ced-brno.cz

online 23/1, 10:00–12:00 14:00–16:00
Participation in the workshop is free of charge. Email address for registration: teren@ced-brno.cz

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