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Zvykli jsme si na válku – večer pro Ukrajinu

Sat 24. 2. 2024, 17:00
Centrum experimentálního divadla

What is the situation in Ukraine after two years of war? What is life like for those who have decided to stay - and for those who have been forced to leave their homes and seek temporary homes in the Czech Republic? Does it make sense to talk about what will happen when the war is over? How has living with the war on our doorstep affected Czech society and politics – and what are the risks?

Exactly two years have passed since the Russian army launched its invasion of Ukraine. In that time, the war in Europe has become part of our everyday reality and one of the main political issues. It has unleashed a huge wave of solidarity with those fleeing the war and with those who have chosen to resist Russian aggression. However, it has also deepened the fragmentation of our society and has become water for the mill of disinformationists, conspiracy theorists and political pimps with human hatred and frustration. The program will consist of panel discussions reflecting on two years of war (and with war) in Ukraine and a cultural program.

Discussion section:
17:00–18:00 1st discussion
Humanitarian situation in Ukraine and the long-term effects of the war
18:15–19:00 2nd discussion
Green renewal of Ukraine - war as an opportunity for ecological transformation
19:15–20:30 3. discussion
How has the war in Ukraine changed the Czech Republic?

Concert section:
21:00–21:30 Pan Tadeáš, Jan Bingo Binder (slam poetry)
21:30–22:15 Samčo, brat dážďoviek (pop music for cats)
22:30–23:00 Fotbal (post-punk, psychedelic)
23:00–23:45 TĒR (post-metal, post-hardcore)
00:00–02:00 schuss & kid0 (techno)

Platform Terén will provide a space for a fundraiser organized by 3+KK Theatre and Nesehnutí. Proceeds from the event will be used to purchase solar panels for Ukrainian hospitals as part of the Sun for Ukraine campaign. The event is held with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

21/2/2024, from 17:00
Cellar Stage CED, Zelný trh 9