Field for performing arts

Škrobotník, Šlundra, Šibrová: Pitva

Wed 6. 3. 2024, 18:00

Puppet theatre to the praise of genius doctors and ranchers. Who among mortals would be so inattentive as not to approach an examination of the interior of the human body with a kind of strange longing?

The theatrical vanitas of an animator and pathologist who both animates and dissects the world of things and puppets, a table with a wooden body as a kind of box full of remains of various groups and genera, and a constantly playing tape recorder. Entering the body is always a breaking of taboos as it disrupts the cosmic unity. The macrocosm and the microcosm are of primary concern here. Absolute unpacking.

The carefully selected texts by Jan Jesenius, Jindřich Štyrský, Jaroslav Durych and the music by Václav Karel Holan Rovenský sound in the proscenium.

Lukáš Jiřička, Veronika Svobodová and Robert Smolík
Voice: Zdeněk Novák
Vocals: Girls choir Lada
Thanks to: Tomáš Procházka

6/3/2024, 18:00 & 20:00
FaVU, Údolní 53 – Building U5, Aula

Entrance through gateaway FaVU on the Údolní 53 street (building U2) to the atrium, then to the left to aula (building U5). You can find an overview plan here.