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Rádio Gotika

Fri 26. 4. 2024, 17:00
Dům pánů z Kunštátu, nádvoří

Radio Gotika is an ongoing performative project by Anna Prstková and the collective based on working with a self-made short-range FM transmitter. It rarely broadcasts over a very short distance, and its permanent features include programmes about impractical crafts, improvised music and technical problems. It is recommended to listen and not to listen, to watch and not to watch.

The live broadcast will take place in the vicinity of the Radio Gotika studio located in the courtyard of the House of the Lords of Kunštát. The evening programme will unpack the ever-topical theme of domestic work and will move freely into a series of live musical performances. Present guests of the broadcast will be Jakub Šulík, Johana Bártová, Stanislav Filip and the duo Pascal and Bourville. Listeners and radio viewers can borrow a handheld radio on site and move freely within signal range in the courtyard and balconies while listening, and it is also possible to leave and arrive at any time throughout the broadcast. Exhibition opening hours will be extended during the broadcast.

🌱 Anna Prstková was born in 1994 in Valašské Meziříčí. She graduated in theatre science at Charles University and in directing at JAMU and completed her Master's degree in Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU. Currently she works as a dramaturge at HaDivadlo. She is also a co-founder of the artistic group bazmek entertainment. Her poetry collection "49°27'45.249 "N, 17°58'36.107 "E" was nominated for Magnesia Litera in 2018.

🌱 Johana Bártová graduated from SPŠG Hellichova in photography and applied media. She is a co-founder of the theatre group FRAS, which focuses mainly on puppetry. Outside of theatre, she is a photographer and lecturer.

🌱 Jakub Šulík is a visual artist, musician and performer originally from Slovakia.
He is a co-founder of the FRAS group and a graduate of stage design and Master's degree in Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU. In the past years he has created theatre scenography in Minor, House on Provázek and Bajka in Český Tešín.

🌱 Stanislav Filip worked at the Faculty of Science and at the Faculty of Construction of the BUT, where he worked at the Institute of Informatics. During his studies, he played in the legendary underground music group Ještě jsme se nedohodli and participated in some musical projects of Iva Bittová and Pavel Fajt. He focuses on non-traditional application of computer technology in art. He is an assistant at the multimedia laboratory of the FaVU BUT in Brno.

The event is a joint programme of Terín and the Brno House of Arts and takes place as part of Brno Art Week 2024.

The event is part of an ongoing series of performances, concerts, lectures and listening sessions that bring together those interested in sound art. The dramaturge of the series is interdisciplinary artist Maria Komarova.

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26/4/2024, od 17:00
Courtyard of the House of the Lords of Kunštát