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PYL: Reality Surfing

Fri 8. 10. 2021, 20:00

A new production of Terén, which is being co-produced with the Alfred ve dvoře theater.

The project attempts to apply ideas from the contemporary philosophical movement of object-oriented ontology to the context of post-dramatic and object-based theatre. In concrete terms, this means a strong focus of the creators' attention on the object, its qualities and the potential of expanding its functions, working with defects and destroyed everyday objects or systems, as well as very poetic building of spatial landscapes of human bodies and things. The PYL ensemble creates a free scenic world in which anything can happen. A highly imaginative project about a world that is broken, full of waste and defects. Spatial and almost dance-like and static composition, a field full of possibilities and spontaneity presents play, rather than a direct critical commentary. Reality surfing is a landscape in which people and things coexist without the necessary anthropomorphic principles as we know them, for example, from puppet theatre.

The collective was founded in 2018 by graduates of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre (Maria Komarova, Anna Romanova, Svetlana Silic and Theresa Schrezenmeir). The group operates on the principles of devised theatre and approaches performance practice through working with concepts of functional scenography and visual dramaturgy.

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Premiere: 7/10/2021
Repeats: 8 & 9/10/2021
Place: Alfred ve dvoře, Prague