Field for performing arts

Little Visitors – performative workshop

Sun 16. 6. 2024, 10:00

Accompanying programme to the Little Visitors play. Together we will explore the natural sources of colours during a walk in the woods.

A blackbird singing in the distance, the grass rustles underfoot and we go for a walk through the Jundrovo countryside, the gardening colony, and the adjacent woods. We will encounter plant creatures, whom we will ask for a flower donation for the basket and then brew a colorful potion from it. An adventurous and inscrutable alchemical process full of surprising color transformations begins. The cauldron bubbles and sputters over the fire and before it releases its concoction, together we will make simple puppets from the collected materials that will be part of the final performance of Little Visitors.

The workshop is held as the accompanying programme for Little Visitors play.

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16/6/2024, 10:00
Meeting point: Optátova bus stop, Jundrov Brno

For parents and children aged 4 and up. Drinks and vegan food will be provided during the event. First we will have a nature walk (2h), after which we will arrive at the base of the Lipka-Rozmarýnek ecological centre in Jundrovo. There will be complete facilities including toilet, washbasin and kitchenette.