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Na brehu Janus+Solo album Rána

Fri 29. 9. 2023, 19:30
Sklepní scéna CED

A duet of music by Ivan Palacký and dance by Roberta Legros. The God of the Double Face Janus intersects with the stage version of Ivan Palacký's solo album of incantations - Rána.

I. Act
Improvised dance-sound duo On the banks of Janus
as a celebration of ambiguity.
This and that at the same time.
It's simple.
The God of the Double Face of Janus
based on a specific event, causes a huge eruption
and then disappears.

The blending

Act II
Scenic variant of the solo album Ivan Palacký - Rána
This collection of pop songs dates from a time (2016-2021) when the composer used cyclical phrases night after night as a vehicle for making certain burning issues more transparent.
More than one of the songs can become an invaluable companion on invocational walks!
Chanting can be practiced only occasionally in quiet times.
In coronavirus and any other crisis, however, as when you find it!

The limited edition CD will be performed live this time with the participation of the author of the album artwork, Roman Ženatý, who will manipulate a miniature version of the concert space through a projector. The basement of the Centre for Experimental Theatre will be filled by dancer Roberta Legros Štěpánková, the lights will be controlled by Matthieu Legros. Tomáš Doležal will be the mirror reflecting them back to him.



Ivan Palacký - voice, sampler, field recordings
Robie Legros - dance
Roman Ženatý - projection
Matthieu Legros - lights
Tomas Dolezal - mirroring lights

29/9/2023, 19:30
Sklepní scéna CED