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Divadlo Líšeň: Domovní requiem / cancelled

Mon 23. 11. 2020, 19:30

A grotesque puppet exhibition about life and death in the well-being of a consumer society. A dark puppet thriller about our common passions, sex, violence, brutality and disgust, full of the most disgusting deviations - just everything that does us good.

The Líšeň Theater is an independent theater that often reflects human rights and political issues in its productions. Works with puppets, masks, objects, movement and sound stylization. It is based in Brno. You can find more about the theater at www.divadlolisen.cz.

9. 3. 2020 19:30
Sklepní scéna Centra experimentálního divadla
Zelný trh 9

Představení trvá 60 minut.