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Carolina Arandia: Aurora

Thu 20. 4. 2023, 19:30
Sklepní scéna CED

In an an attempt to answer the question about belonging, about what gives poise throughout life, looking for some sacred event, something unique, strong and intense that provides a reason, the aurora appears. The aurora traces a line, marks a horizon that divides the sky and the earth. What a sacred moment every time the sun goes down. Every day the sun rises and falls again. Repeatedly every day.

Aurora is a dance piece, a hypnotic and meditative experience in which two dancers imagine how their rhythm is composed with the order of the universe. It is about a bond, about its fragility and its
power, which reveals to us the sublime dimension that its meeting forms take on in relation to the whole. Aurora is an act of faith: it is a dynamic that operates, that tensions, that supports, that accompanies, transforms, and thus purifies.

Carolina Arandia is an Argentinian dancer, teacher and choreographer based in Prague. She graduated as a Specialist in Object theater, Interactivity and New Media from the National University of Art of Argentina (2019). Carolina began to research and develop her performances in 2015. In her different pieces: 'LOMO', 'Ósea', 'What lies beside the haters', '#followforfollow', 'IT'; she explores through dance and choreography, multiple modes of existence in relation to the context of today's society. Her interest lies in time and in the ways of inhabiting it. Currently, she is part of a thought formation group led by Claudia Groesman and is a guest lecturer of BA Fine Art and Experimental Media Program at Prague City University.

Concept, choreography and direction: Carolina Arandia
Dancers: Johanna Šilarová, Agáta Jarošová
Music: Tatiana Heuman
Set and costumes: Rosa Wallbrecher
Lighting design: Filip Horn
Photo: Lukáš Hlavín
Graphics: Františka Iblová
Dramaturgical supervision: Claudia Groesman
Production: Heart-written Society - Markéta Stránská, Carolina Arandia
Partners: TERĒN - field of performative art, Statní Fund Kultury, Center for Choreographic
Development SE.S.TA, Rezi.Dance Komařice, Studio Alta, Argentine Embassy in the Czech Republic.

Co-produced by Carolina Arandia and Terén Platform.

Koncept, choreografie a režie: Carolina Arandia
Tanečnice: Johanna Šilarová, Agáta Jarošová
Hudba: Tatiana Heuman
Scéna a kostýmy: Rosa Wallbrecher
Světelný design: Filip Horn
Fotografie: Lukáš Hlavín
Dramaturgická supervize: Claudia Groesman
Grafika: Františka Iblová
Produkce: Srdcem zapsaný Spolek - Markéta Stránská, Carolina Arandia
Partneři: Terén, Statní Fond Kultury, Centrum choreografického rozvoje SE.S.TA, Rezi.Dance Komařice, Studio Alta, Argentinské velvyslanectví v České republice.

Bez jazykové bariéry
Délka představení: 60 minut

Vzniklo v koprodukci Caroliny Arandii a platformy Terén.

15/11/2022, 19:30
Sklepní scéna CED