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Divadlo Líšeň: Andělé z lesa + workshop

A fairy tale about a little girl, beings from the forest and angels. The performance will be followed by a workshop for children.

An old trunk adapted to a sound instrument becomes the scene of a fairy tale. Forest beings come out of the trunk and meet a little girl who, by playing a whistle, summons birds turning into angels. She receives a gift from them for her play. Based on the Romani fairy tale Angels from the book Erika Manuš: Pekloneberáj. The performance is for children from two years and adults.

Performed by Divadlo Líšeň. divadlolisen.cz/repertoar/andele-z-lesa

22. 12. 2019 15:00
Sklepní scéna Centra experimentálního divadla
Zelný trh 9

Estimated duration of the performance is 30 minutes.