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Narozeniny Terénu – tři roky terénních úprav a udržovacích prací

Fri 30. 9. 2022, 10:00
OC Dornych

We invite you to a birthday celebration of Terén, the stage of the Centre for Experimental Theatre! One-to-one performance by Michał Salwiński, musical performance by Rickey Mouse Fun House and afterparty in OC Dornych. 🎉

During the three years of our activities we have managed to create many projects, organize many events, travel abroad with our productions, establish various collaborations, but above all we have managed to create year-round opportunities for various forms of meeting each other. We are creating a background for contemporary performing arts in Brno, and it wouldn't be possible without you. We would like to invite all of you, whom we meet regularly at our events, to celebrate these encounters. We invite all of you who may only have a small experience of our program. And of course, we also invite you who are yet to visit the Terén! For all of you and for us in Terén we are planning a celebration in the warehouses of OC Dornych, in the former Brno Prior. After the main program we invite you to Los Překápkos bar for an afterparty with Dj Hnát.

30/9, OC Dornych
10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 Michal Salwiński: The Dream in a Supermarket
18:00 Meeting in the Terrain
19:30 Rickey Mouse Fun House – Night At The Mouseleum
21:00 Afterparty, Dj Hnát

The program is part of the celebration of 30 years of the Centre for Experimental Theatre. Please also accept our invitation to a full-day programme on the following day, Saturday 1 October 2022. The celebrations are prepared collaboratively by the CED and its artistic stages Divadlo Husa na provázku, HaDivadlo and Terén. www.ced-brno.cz/cs/projects/30-CED

Michal Salwiński: The Dream in a Supermarket
30/9, OC Dornych
Times: 10:00 - 12:00 - 14:00 - 16:00 tickets
Each performance has a limited capacity of 4 spectators. It is in English and Czech.

Performance by Polish author Michał Salwiński. A phone-call expedition and an imaginary journey through a supermarket. The spectator will be guided by the Astronaut and team of navigators via mobile phone by story-telling, walking and following simple, playful instructions and tasks. Who could imagine a shopping center is a portal to magic?

On your email address you will get all the information with the instruction to the starting point of the journey.

Meeting in the Terén
OC Dornych, 3rd floor
30/9, 18:00 free entry

Do you want to know about the activities of Terén? Do you have suggestions for cooperation? Would you like to share feedback on any of our projects or events? We would love to meet you in person at Los Překápkos bar, which opens for one day among the shelves of the warehouse space of OC Dornych.

Rickey Mouse Fun House – Night At The Mouseleum
OC Dornych, 3rd floor
30/9, 19:30 tickets

Comical, satirical and crazy evening with man-size burnt-out entertainer mouse and his gnawer colleagues. Twitched and genre-free music, strange and instructive performance numbers form an event horizon of culture critical and an orgasmic art experience saturated with dark light. Rickey Mouse Fun House is juggling with political correctness, traveling beyond the boundaries of good taste and revitalizing the ancient art of the Underground. Performers: Pasi Mäkelä, Petr Vrba, Tomáš Vtípil, Klára Pudláková, Elia Moretti, Keya Singh, Roland Rauschmeier, etc.

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