Field for performing arts
Sun 22. 3. 2020, 12:30

INSIDER: Unwrapping reality / CANCELLED

A performance of the international creators’ collective led by Cristina Maldonado.

In our daily lives, technologies enable us to exist simultaneously in multiple places. We are immersed in a continuous negotiation with things, processes, and people that are not physically present. We commonly identify them as a “virtual presence”, as a sort of representation of an original that exists somewhere else. We place this “copy” at a lower level on the scale of reality as it cannot fully affect us. It cannot be touched and therefore cannot be considered truly real.
For some, the virtual world is a place to momentarily escape reality; others fear that it will replace it completely. For us, there is no conflict between the virtual and real worlds, together they create a continuum of mixed realities.
From our point of view, we constantly perform complex maneuvers to navigate these overlapped realities. We adapt to these technological extensions and we coexist with them. They shape our perception and relationship with others.
Insider explores how this mix of realities affects our bodies and our sense of being present. During the performance, the choices of each viewer create a particular way of investigating and experiencing this proposed world.

director: Cristina Maldonado
authors and performers: Cristina Maldonado, Eva Rosemarijn, Lea Kukovičič, Keya Singh
dramaturgical consultation: Sodja Lotker
anthropological and conceptual consultations: Fernanda Eugenio
technical support: Pascal Silondi
application developer: Jakub Krejčí
production of objects: Isa Juchniewicz
3D printing: William Holmes

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Get the tickets at GoOut where you select the specific date and starting time between 1:30 PM and 9:00 PM. You can also buy the tickets at the register in the Centre of Experimental Theatre (Zelný trh 9).

Performance lasts 60 minutes and is held in English.
You will be informed about the venue by e-mail after purchasing your ticket.