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A performance of the international creators’ collective led by Cristina Maldonado.

The Insider is a mixed reality performance for one person at a time that plays with the overlap of presence. It is a sensorial experience that uses the combination of touchscapes and immersive video to create parallel realities that confront the viewer with the question of how much to engage with the tactile world and how much with the visual. How to exist simultaneously in both realities, the virtual and the physical? The choices of each viewer, create a particular way of investigating and experiencing the proposed world.

This sensorial experience occurs in interaction with strangers -some of them virtual, some of them of real flesh and blood; the viewer decides how to relate to them using different modes of attention: observing, imagining, imitating, opposing, ignoring, embodying another or even disembodying him/herself. The Insider engages the viewer in a continuous negotiation between the need for following one’s agency - differentiating oneself from others-, and adapting and reshaping oneself to be with the other.

28. 11. INSIDER 19:00 / opening (an introduction to the performance) / free entry
29. 11. INSIDER 11–22:00 / buy your ticker here: http://bit.do/insider-29
30. 11. INSIDER 11–22:00 / buy your ticker here: http://bit.do/insider-30
1. 12. INSIDER 11–22:00 / buy your ticker here: http://bit.do/insider-1

Performance is always for 2 spectators.

Sklepní scéna Centra experimentálního divadla
Zelný trh 9

Estimated duration of the performance is 60 minutes.