Field for performing arts

Terén is a dramaturgical, production and distribution platform without its own ensemble or a permanent venue, producing unique theatrical and crossboundary year-round projects. It has been created alongside renowned repertory theatres – the Goose on a String Theatre and HaDivadlo – as the third theatre of the Brno municipal organization, the Centre of Experimental Theatre.

Terén’s core program will create its own stagings of various production difficulty levels, instead of having its own ensemble, will be provided by guest authors, theatre groups and art collectives.

Terén works with the city environment of Brno conceptually as a complex creative space. It puts on its productions at theatre venues and in the specific spaces of the urban landscape.

Terén is building an aesthetic diversity instead of relying on a singular aesthetic. It investigates the borders in which contemporary theatre moves and what tools it can choose to communicate.

Terén creates a space for the conception of staging projects, overlapping into musical and dramatic forms, performative concerts, performances, happenings, events, public space interventions, and other formats of artistic communication in which people meet to lead a lively dialogue.

Terén initiates creative meetings of performance artists with artists from different fields.

Terén cooperates with non-artistic initiatives and institutions such as academic and scientific institutes, environmental and ecological movements, non-profit organizations and others.

Terén is the meeting ground for official and underground culture, for state-funded and independent scenes, for professional and beginning artists.

Terén produces its own staging projects which will be shown at local venues in Brno and then distributed
outside of Brno.

Terén explores contemporary forms of performing arts – it is a space for experiments, research and education, meetings with theatre professionals, lectures, discussions, and workshops.

Terén is searching for a new vitality of author-audience relationships; its mission is the permanent redefinition of the purpose and position of theatre and performing arts in society.

Terén’s program is looking for a response from different spectators and communities, even outside theatre. Terén secures the conditions for the creation of daring art projects, which would otherwise have trouble getting through in the market-oriented cultural environment.

The platform’s activity will commence with a week-long program bearing the title Terrain Work which will take place from 1 to 6 October 2019.