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CEDIT – Contexts and artistic overlaps of the Centre of Experimental Theatre

New academic journal published by the Centre of Experimental Theatre in Brno since 2019.

CEDIT follows in the traditional footsteps of avant garde theatre journals (among others) and voluminous seasonal theatre programmes which were crossing the border between creating and reflecting.

CEDIT presents a textual platform for the context of the production of Husa na provázku theatre, HaDivadlo theatre, and Terén. The organic structure of each issue is led by a central theme.

CEDIT allows its readers to take a closer look at the work of the authors and peek inside their creative processes. CEDIT aims to offer a natural spring, a resource, an inspiration, and context. CEDIT is thinking about theatre by means of text.

Editors: Barbora Liška, Jakub Liška
Art director & Graphic designer: Jan Brož